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Its nice

But wow the bass is reallly punching in the volyme to high But its nice preview keep working on the song.

Its ok but

Im sorry the bass is out of tune The right bass score is more like this
If you use fl studio.

C C, G G, F# F#, F F, D# D#, should be better for the melody. Or simply search for Right Im blue Midi.

Adamaja456 responds:

thanks man, yea the midi i got was just the melody...plus i was using garage band :O lol

Has never been my taste but

But ican tell for sure this not newground.com music this more pro work,
Really well struckted mainbreak, Really powerful hardstyle song, Melody very nice.
02.05 is best part realy enjoy it,
But really nice bass great power, Good masterd song, Kick is good not my type but its working very well. Keep on working you got some serious skills.

Keep on working should release this instant for free download /cheers TN

ephixa responds:

Thanks, I was going to be signing to a label but decided not to. I'm opening my own :3

Very nice !

Kate lessing vocal is very good practis for vocal trance/dance producing.
Piano is very nice work i really like that.. It feels abit more Euro dance of it.

Arp synth is very nice good melody.
idont really like that Vocal fx work but its personal taste.
ITs really good work both of you.

and congrats to top 5 /TN

AndreaDigita responds:

Thanks a lot TerraNation ^^

Well Produced

Its actully better then 2nd Storm, beacuse its sounds you have worked abit more on this track then other. Sadly people 0 bombing good tracks.

Nice Main break part nice piano melody,
Arp melody is very low volyume work on could turn it up abit more.
But really well produced song goes to favorit keep it up /TN

EOT responds:

Thank you!:) I know, I hate when people are doing that...
I did turn down the volume on the arp on purpose becouse it saounds better with it like that. The arp is mainly to make a better build upp:P XD

its nice

alot of energy, even thought samples something i self used very longtime ago, Fl studio strings pad 1.52 to 3.20 Could need another pad ifeelt was kinda cheap on. Wasent much melodic in this track more backround piano its good, could need some main hook lead, and sidechain work on the pad give it more pumpy feelings. Other then that is very classic work of trance.

IF i where you i would try also try explore the pad abit more, work it out even more ifeel its kinda to simple i would try give it some more variation more epic but other its good..

SO suggestion maybe add sidechain " if you dont know how to make search on youtube alot of touritals how to do it." Make some some stuning melodic to it.

Very classic Remix

Imade self a remix of terminator but wasent that good.

Ur own vocal for melodic wise or choir is really nice work. Very classic trance style.
Soft drum work. Simpel bass sounds not very trancy that i usely like but its very good.
Good Variation on the song. Talented behind the remix :). Deserv not to be 0 bombed keep up with the good job
Ithink also found new favorite :)

. /TN


Really nice melody. But ithink the clap sample is not that great, Beside ithink song could been longer and also well produced if you have fun with the song i should self try on it but there so many remix of this already out there.

Not bad at all

Great synth work even i hear some Nexus vsti wtich is to common nowdays.
This track has alot of energy But ithink it still need some variation piano and main lead is eackly the same could try some other melody riff on it. Keep up with good job /TN

MSXOmega responds:

Yeah, my music tends to be quite repetitive. I'm always trying to change it up a bit, but I should probably try to do that more, huh? ;D

Realy nice!

Nice bass work, Vengeance Essential Samples really classic especily the loops best tips when u use the loops is try rechange them make more unique.
Nexus is an Very common vsti nowdays, i use it to but mostly for layering itry creat my own sounds with v-station its very powerful vsti, You should try it.
Z3tra is good but sometimes its has abit problem with the freq, screwing up mixing abit. But So far its very well done, And Shame song has suffering 0 bombing beacuse its has talented work behind. Even ifeelt the song could have end around 5min atlest.

At 06.29 to 06.55 is huge silence :) ithink was some rendering issue or u had forget clip the any automation.

Igive u 5 beaucse its very creativ classic trance work, Thought melody wasent catchy or that much energy it could been, Could need some more elements in the song like add synth keep song more intressting. Longer break "i love longer break beacuse buildups is very important to me" Try explore some more VST try work with own Presents, NExus sadly today overused. Other then that just keep up with the hard work, and if you got time check out my tracks also made with Fl studio 9 maybe can give some insperations Cya /TN

Izebecool responds:

Thank you very much for your review! Im still in the learning stage so your input is very much appreciated :) Also very nice work yourself Im really enjoying it!

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