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yo,, very nice melody here. Never thought about make some club house tracks to? :)

its like mainbreak

This would be perfect mainbreak in to trance sure alittle more sound then just piano and violin like more strong power comes up.
Its beautiful melody

i have heard better

No offens but this song is like kids music only 8 bit sound make head blow up ithought people stoped make this kinda crap., Anyway quality its like over compressed and this synth is very anoying.
Iknow you F 777 do make better song then this...

Indeed nice collections

I like the second chord work sounds very familar but its nice, Finish them i believe you able make ur self some nice releases. /TN


Melody is very soft but careful with the volymes on the bass and kick they are now fighting each other makes rest of the song very unclear.
I suggest change the volyme bass abit try push up the kick abit more.
Chord work is fine but with the bass it makes almost hard to hear.
Main hook comes in also abit loud.

Mainly suggestion is try EQ some more and adjust volyme alittle.
Like previews post said made bass into offbeats makes songs much better.

Keep on working /TN

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Hmm i feel no trance style in this track but more like dubstep work.
Trance elements is different and track dosent have any of those elements.
Btw its uniqe work.

Anyway keep on the good work /TN


Its really clam peacefuly track, Decent mix even i wish hear more of the melodic part not just intro melody its kinda dont give me the picture of the song, Bells are just nice touch but ibelieve way to soft for me.

but keep on working /TN

Absolix responds:

Thank you man! Review means a lot, I rarely get them! The newer version definitely has more melody solo'd out, with more building elements that help gain emotional value. So hopefuly that might make it sound better!

Again thanks a lot for the review!

Not bad not bad!

Its very nice song but sadly i would like some more from it, like extra backround synth for exampel some extra lead keep the song even more uplifting.
Even stronger mainbreak. But other then that is really nice track. Check out mine when you have time /TN

PrEmoEffect responds:

Yeah, i'm working on some sound design projects right now that I think would be suitable for your liking. All sorts of modulations make this CoolHau5 project well... cool. Haha, thanks for the review.


Kan gärna säga på svenska men bättre så att alla kan förstå hehe.

Newgrounds Trance genre is very odd alot different style from deep electronica.
Dont know if this just preview of 2 different songs of urs?

Anyway both very good produced nice qualiy liked first song it has nice drive. Second part isent really my taste but its a good work.

Very nice!

Very nice track powerful bassline. Very strong hard melodic trance track.
Well Mainbreak is nice and from 4.37 to 5.00 its sort of freq mastering chopping its ok but its keeps on to much its kinda anoying even its cool build up but its kinda getting way to many of it.

Arp synth is kinda bright and not that cool i would like more saw or havy synth saw work. Even arp synth could be a nice add.

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nope working


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