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Nice work really good chords, Releaxing trance tune, good bassline, The thing about the track got abit empty afterawile not much change then a piano, But its ok even could been some more plucked melody or so. Anyway i hear the piano has abit to high volyme in the track almost abit to high try turn volyme down alittle and add some nice add melody to the song this would be much better.
keep on working /TN

p0larus responds:

Thank you for your informative critique! I do apologize for the simple and empty melody. I've noticed that it needed something more, but I couldn't think of anything. I apologize again for the loud piano, I should have noticed it earlier. I will take note of the flaws that you have stated and make better songs in the near future. Thank you again for your review!

Nice work

Its good track but sounds very simpel and plain to me, Synth work is kinda of simpel and to loud for the song its abit oversounding. bass is abit boring for my taste. About what really need be done on the song is, some EQ work, try make bass more intressting, Song really lack of energy ithink u need find better samples, and try explore the program u have , try build to the limit for your self. What i mean with that try something you would never expect it to be.
the song also need some proper chord some nice string its sound abit empty.

7/10 vote 4/5 reason its still for me not finished, Keep on working itry explore more of ur softwere iquess its Fl studio? / TN

Inte illa

really nice Demo song you got most of the hard Dance element that need, main synth and add synth, sadly icant vote or make porper review beacuse its very short. But its sounds really good keep on working i will vote when its complete / TN

SpazeMusic responds:

Thanks man! :D

Special D

yes he is really good, uhave nice song but since iam artist self i help other people to, to be honestly i hearing its alot distored, Reason beacuse its very high pitched and volym, I suggest you to rework ur song and check volym so u dont hit over -0 dps, recomand synth under -6dp same with bass. Vocal need some reverbs and some delay to make it not so dry. But thats always an extra work. Most important of the song is you Must change volym down abit beacuse people barley can hear the song atm. keep work hard 6/10 4/5 for song , And value 4/5 beacuse there alot of work needs to be done but dont get me wrong keep work hard and never give up / TN

Really well worked

Ihave listned ithink most all of your songs so far ican most tell you this is really your best Mix so far. Atmosphere is very nice peaceful pad, Relaxing piano, Pumping beat A nice vocal trance track, Pro sounding Even thouth its abit overcompressed but its really well worked. Keep on rocking / TN 10/10 5/5

Thats why i like classic

Beacuse most of my track are coming inspire from classic genre, Start chord was very similar the Rock :P but then it changes lucky, anyway this awsome work. Imean 1.36 is my favorit party thats make me able to able see in to the theme of the song. Prof sounding, end part was very similar pirate of carabbien to :) anyway keep this awsome work up / TN , First classic artist goes to favorit 5/5

robomanus responds:

Thx man! :D


Norge :P aja nice old stuff. rätt grym hard trance låt. simpel men ändå du sköna moves catchy melody, Mastering is not everything but sure wouldent mind better quality thought :) anyway Keep the song up From sweden / TN

Very nice

Intro sounds like u got insperation from Safri Duo, style very similar anyway very nice song, Good chords nice atmosphere Very Euro/trance style of the track, Good mixing, nice energy. The only could have input more in the song with the melody some add leeds like piano or something keep the song more intressting, otherwise be kinda repeativ it self. Anyway keep the good job up / TN

ZooSafari responds:

Idk about the piano bro, there are ZILLIONS of trance songs that use piano XD

Thanks for the comment never the less ^_~

Very nice

I like the theme song, sadly the Mix was abit short, And very simpel with the gate synth, Ithink should been more worked, intro is very nice,
Ihave heard many of ur tracks and they good just i like more this style with more elements on. Keep the good song up, /TN

Have the aggre with Kazm0

song it self very nice but its not the best mixing. Synth oversounding the kick,,
Like Kazm0 said some EQ work and balance the volyme abit ithink would be much better, Other then that very nice Euro/trance track /TN

DjJYo responds:

Thanks for the review TN. I will work on EQ with future songs.


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