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TerraNation's News

Posted by TerraNation - September 22nd, 2014

AWJR115: TerraNation - Spirits of Egypt EP

[AWJ Recordings]

Artist: TerraNation Release Name: Spirits of Egypt

EP Record Label: AWJ Recordings

Catalog: AWJR115 Release

Type: EP Exclusive: Beatport (2 weeks) [10/10/2014]

Release Date: 24/10/2014 Details: 01. TerraNation - Atmosphere (Original Mix) 02. TerraNation - Spirits of Egypt (Original Mix)

Description: AWJ Recordings is proud to present brand new banging tune from Swedish producer TerraNation. Spirits of Egypt EP consists of 2 uplifting trance track namely Atmosphere & Spirits of Egypt.



Posted by TerraNation - July 25th, 2013

Heard About vocaloid? No?

A program where you can create from your own text to your song by singing synthesizer technology.
Vocaloid has been out for quite some time but has increasingly become popular because it's fun to create something. It is not always afford or have someone who can sing in their songs the problem is then solved with vocaloid.

Vocaloid is known because of an anime character named Hatsune Miku.
I'm not the person to dig anime but when working with this type of program start to realize soon that everything is possible today.

The song that I'm doing is in Japanese because vocaloid come from Japan Yamaha Corporation.

Even if you can not get a completely perfect voice so will do it anyway.
It provides as well as a fun thing.
But that slowly because to obtain a professional singer is not easy.

I load up this preview is far from complete, but it will, I promise! subscripe my fan page to stay tuned.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/544206?up dated=1

Project With Vocaloid ever heard of it?

Posted by TerraNation - July 17th, 2013

After weeks of work and time I've managed to finish my song Anthem Universe!
I loaded up a WIP version, and it came a little feedbacks that made you just wanted to be done with the song.

Newgrounds Trance music is extremely odd many different types of custom styles.
Then there are many struggling artists, as trying anyway.
Newgrounds very mixed with people from teenager to older people.
Then there are many who do not even know what trance is.

And then there are people who do not respects other people's music, but more or less spit on them. But they grow up one day too.


No I'm not Armin van buuren, or Tiesto nor swedish house mafia I am who I am and this is my style.

Posted by TerraNation - January 10th, 2013

After hours days of work, ican finally upload something more original style of music.
Progressiv Trance is very much alike house but more chill ways.

I still love uplifting trance but i still want it to be more club friendly to or even dj friendly song aswell.

There is preview of it here on newgrounds.com but if you want to listen to the full version leave comment visit the link!
TerraNation - ID progressive Trance Track 2013


Posted by TerraNation - October 10th, 2012

Halo 4 is soon out and alot people waiting for it.

+ there is soundtrack contest about halo 4 itry to achive with more my own way of make a remix.
Song it self its very complicated beacuse its an orchestrar track remix packs comes with only wav files means that they are to much original iwouldent call it a remix if its already completed or finished soundtracks already.

Follow me this jouarny to start to finish of the song i will take any advice from you and comment that can improve this remix.
Ofcourse if ur self wanna try make ur own remix why not? http://www.remixcomps.com/contest/halo-4-soundtr ack-remix-contest when this post is made its only 19 days left

Check my latest upload its 30 second clip of the progress i made so far.
I will keep renew the track once iget more done to it!!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/506543 <---- check the link!

Halo 4 Remix Project in progress

Posted by TerraNation - August 16th, 2010

This time is an very cluby track called Vincent De moor - Fly away. Its one of the best "trust me" it is one of the top trance song that are made out there and idont lie about that. Alot famous trance/club artist exampel Cosmic Gate,Sean Tyas and many more has made remix of this song before + its reminds alot true trance fans how trance really sounded back then.. But i decided with a friend Fierra talented newground artist make this just for fun and here it is.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /355887

Enjoy! :D

Posted by TerraNation - May 28th, 2010

Midnight Orginal mix

Finally alot of request from friends and people at newgrounds told me to finish this song and here it is.

I uploaded long ago a Demo version but never had time to finish it.

Mixing is basic. Mastering will maybe be uploaded later.

Anyway hope you all enjoy it. Stay tuned for more new upcoming tracks /TN

ps. Thanks for the supports

Posted by TerraNation - April 6th, 2010

wee its been awile upload stuff here but im kinda busy with other things.

But latest remix is about Filo and Peri really known artists and really famous in Dance/trance house basic electronic genre.

Tons of listneres on there mysapce youtube. And lucky acidplanet.com manged to make contest 2010 Filo and peri song - Let You Know. All info about this contest you can found at www.acidplanet.com.

All genres are welcome. So give it a try! Its good way show people someof you talented skills. Anyway from today ithink is 41 days left on contest so get hurry and start remix.

Cya around and check out my preview and hope you will like it !


Posted by TerraNation - November 22nd, 2009

Song name: Beyond The reach is under production and estimated to be complete someday around december hopefully before 31 december when the deadline is.

Short preview has been listend by some friends and they can also mention its sounding very good im pleast.
Both me and Dj BrixX working hard on the track,
Even Dj BrixX has left newgrounds or basic moved on to release her tracks to label.

You can support her on http://www.youtube.com/user/BrixXSM
and also me on
http://www.youtube.com/user/TerraNatio n

Iwill only upload 1min preview here on NG of the song. Untill then stay tuned or listen to any of my older projects. Thanks for you time! /TN

Posted by TerraNation - October 3rd, 2009

Dont you know

Upcoming projects:


Dj BrixX ( Fierra) song Unknow Release day : ETA

Yodamanjaro song Unknow Release day :

BassShockerzMusic song Unknow Release day :

HelthRMX Song Positive... Release day :

I will update list when more projects and collabs.