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Well done!

Very good animation, Ionly dont like the begining that sound. But this is a really well done small part some adult things but ok, Longtime work give the best resualt. Im not often watch movie full beacuse they are most boring and not really well worked as this one. Keep up on great job /TN 5/5


Old school classic, game always problems starting it, dusty games, but still classic wins even today :). Nice guide hehe /TN

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I wanna be honest with you song can be mutch better with some mixing.
like turn down some volume on the bass and kick make sure it dosen't go over -6db.
Try sync it with you main kick try discover some sidechain effect with ur bass and pads,
There is alot of tutorials on youtube w/e Music Daw you use.

Atm melody needs some push atm they dissapear in the bass and kick kinda eating up most of the song.
Piano melody is loud without any EQ reveerbs it makes it very dry and boring.
You are learning producer and i recommand watch some tutorials to learn some new techniques. Sorry low rate score but i hope you listen to my advice i have self been there i have self work hard to figure out what im doing wrong.

Time you figure all out, you will see alot improvements.

Cheers dude


AshuraTheHedgehog242 responds:

Whoa dude! Thanks 4 your honest review! Y' know I was already a fan of your trance music since 2017 before I hopped on this social site. I never thought u would review my work and BTW that is my style of music and IDK if I could improve but if I could, then I would. Thanks again!


a very Decent track melody is very catchy, nice overall solid track even tho im not very fan of these Alan Walker style of tracks but that's my own thoughts.

The end of the track im not big fan when its complete stops it could be more dj friendly way to do it, something simpel maybe? like outro melody bass kick let it fade with some creativity.


DJSkyvos responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely give this a thought

Hey Well done i love all the Zelda games this reminds me so mutch of them. Great work

Bak-R responds:

Thanks, let me know what you think of the full album available on YouTube.
If you can by the same way subscribe to my channel and comment on the youtube video it will help me a lot :)

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Very nicely done!

Music producer from Sweden

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