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i like the intro not bad at all,
what do you use for the orchestra sounds?

PhatBoiJ responds:

String modulator and some loops mixes.

Very nice Track, only you need to be careful with the chord, Its good and loud but its almost to high boosted, might need some better EQ to soft it down abit. Build up is nicely done.

Quality of the track is almost there it just need some extra overlook on equalizing


But I still have to be honest and take this is not personal but more as a tip.
Some parts of the text is sung in the wrong tone compare with the song itself.
It does not match, it's more like I'm playing the song D note and your voice will be in the B note there will be chaos.
Other words you sing a bit false, it is the art of singing in on a song, it's hard but training gives the results. I respect all types of music and artists that try. I think you need to check over the text, and try to get the correct tone of voice so it matches the song. Some parts are okay. Hope this helps out with the song.

Thanks for your comment with respect, TN

PhallicNinja responds:

Thanks for your honesty =]
Music theory is most definitely not a strength for me haha! Thanks for the stars though, I'm glad you still enjoyed it ^o^

Very professional work, quality is spot on.
Just as you declare "Enjoy with a tall cocktail" specielt during a hot summer day sitting on the beach and can only listen. Pity jazz is not as popular among teenagers but song is too good to be on newgrounds.com honestly.

And your skills with gitaren is super. Wish I could play, I tried but I have no skills for that.

Well done Mate!

Biggyzoom responds:

Thank you very much!

Absolutely wonderful, the only thing I think you could certainly do better is the quality. The piano is quite trapped compare with violin sound.

I think it would sound better if you got the bright part of the song. Sounds like you've been playing the piano and then forgot to mix the piece.
The song is very good but it just mastering part that is missing.

So I think you should have put more time on it too

Troisnyx responds:

Back when I did this, I didn't know what proper EQ was. The only thing I even did was panning and reverb. Now that I'm able to handle these... I'm glad you pointed it out!

Thanks for listening ^_^

Yes to be honest but do not take offense to it to maybe help future with your music.

First of all Drum samples are terrible you need something better cleaner kick drums I would easily buy or download a bit more professional samples are how much heel out there .. Intro with percussion is usually ok but in this case, so there is no effecter as reverbs, equalizers little basic part. They are very dry.

Arp melody is quite ok, around 2 minutes into the song switches to more high standard which is better, I personally had used them from beginning to end.

The song itself needs some extra mixing so there will be more balance for the audio system you have. One hears kick around 2min disappears away because of bass, synth you are using.
Try lowering the volume and raise them low sounds maybe a little more filter works.

JJM121 responds:

No offense taken. :P But yeah, I agree with what you said. The drums could really have used some cleaning up. I actually removed the kick when the bass comes in. That's why you don't hear it. But the overall mixing still needs work I guess.

Thanks a lot for your feedback btw! Really appreciate it.

An okay song, but I do not sound mixed with 8/16 bit audio.
I was hoping for a heavy electro kick, sure the song has videogame tank.
If you had a kick drum in the song it would raise the song a lot more than you think.

Intro okay that I like. The song itself is pretty boring without any power or something crazy. song has potentional it needed a little more work and time, I think.,
Work at the music patience gives good results.

ellebirdy she has the talent to make music, you think your job will pay off.
the song is okay even if it's a demo, very sad song would work as an emotional trance.
Though plucked melody maybe you could do something better by now, it has too much echo so that the notes do not follow. 1:23 the song disappears pad, piano completely. Do not know if you've planned for that but it does not sound so good if I'll be completely honest. Keep pad add sidechain effect not too much but a little bit so you have a little bounce in song. Loop samples are a bit weak attempt lift up them more especially kick drum, it's a little too soft.

Have not much to say do not try to play down the melody with the piano may be right boring in the long run. Working at I please get on the actual song when you're done. Be patient it will be fine.

I like your intro, but I think the song itself coming in too fast. though it would need a better structure 0-34 secunder you type a basic harmony of the song then explodes into full song hardstyle. It's sort of a little "oh what's happening here."
I have favorite hardstyle artists like Dj Coone very good insperation.

Then you can always discuss how long the song should be, for me it is not important as long as it caught the ear of the song that it is always something happening. I listened to 4min + and it became repetitive, adding piano, another synth does not help. I simply think you built the song without having any planning how it should be but you just drove on. A good foundation for me is an intro> Break a verse>, chours and a crazy buildup> Main build. > Breakdown> build up again> an outro. but there are of course different ways to build on but personally a song must follow a red line and it does not end here.
People say it's part of the art. The music is an art.

Otherwise, I think it was a good song the only thing that you need is just some insperation.

RequiemoftheHeart responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I will say this is probably my first real attempt at Hardstyle. At the very least I did intend on having the song end with a rondo with a key change. Apart from that there were parts that were improvised such as some of the key changes and the build up at 4:55. That was more of a transition to the next part. I agree though, as far as hardstyle I do need some inspiration. I will have to check out DJ Coone. Thanks for listening :)

An ok song. One thing I think it is good that you try anyway mix together dubstep with trance which is not easy considering specielt trance has so much elements and dubstep is completely different. Trance synth drowns almost the whole song a little more balanced mix would not hurt if you check the exact place where the peak reaches above 0 DB

I personally would lower the volume of the synth around 3-DB and then.
We hear that there is one main melody but it disappears off sometimes.

A little more EQ on your Open hithats, try to get them to get a little more softer to the song right now they scream.
And then you have an arp 303 in backrunden it works but when dubstep will feel a bit like it does not fit in there.

Overall it's a good try and fight on with music, study a little mixing technique so I think it will get much better over time are lots of tutorials. Patience gives good results.

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