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Its good

but i think its abit long for be 5min 31 second gets abit to repeativ once awile, but its really good track added favorite,bad newground has 0bombed this song so bad.

Intro is very nice!

Piano work is fine, But ithink balance in volyme is abit unrefined. Could need better mixing thought atlest begining and at 04.51 its something is oversounding over 0dp make abit distored. Synth and bass really nice work, Song it self very nice work. Ihave made remix of this song to if you like to check it out but its more in trance. Keep on working /TN

What can i say to help!

carabbien style intro its nice, Bass really nice work. Arent big fan of filtered kicks, but iquess thats more personal taste. Cant really give any criticisms beaucse arent finsih. But i do like the flow at 02.07 so keep the nice job up /TN

Kazmo responds:

changed the intro :3

Thanks for the review!

Nice but u sure put it right genre?!

Trance its hard to say it think its more something else, Like electronica or Experimental, But i love guitar iwish i had one would fit perfect in some tracks.. 5/5 beacuse that guitar is awsome !

Great work!

Only thing could be abit longer on the song atm most melody thought in it. Vocal sample are okej even basshunter overused it :P, Song it self its good Mainbreak beat sample ifeelt got abit outof beat somehow. but its good track keep on working /TN

A classic

Never big fan of Bass T tracks, bounc3 melody erm noway "newgourds" and yet i still dont understand great productions getting 0 bombed. Only thing about this genre its kinda very empty to me but you do really skills. Keep up the good work.
And to be honestly there arent many artist in newground that has same quality that you have.


Nice Demo

looking forward hear full version icant really jugde so much since its just short clip bu sounds realy intressting my friend. So keep up with the hard work /TN

Its nce

really nice dark trance song, But i think the song is abit over compressed, Its kinda decent mixing maybe some low freq someplaces.
Song its self its really nice but mixing destroying the song for you atm, Try see if you can clear the sound abit more. Keep up on producing /TN

Good track

It has really nice melody, And abit agree with the review underme its more Dance then trance. But anyhow this piano getting abit repetitive to me it was nice intro with it. But then its starts to be abit boring. Or iwould call it overplayed. Building of this track is abit simple, No offense most songs are good when they simple build, But what it could need some sidechain on the pads. Try limit the piano its really overplaying.

Other then that its good song but ofcourse not the best i heard. Keep on working hard.

Randomizor responds:

Thanks for reviewing =3

Ill take some of your advice into consideration. =P

You see!

Everyone can make music just if they want. Even its now its all begins to learn and getting better. Icould say my track at begining was like this very confused how to start how to end but all that comeing in time. What ur next project u should focus on the bassline, synth and kick make sure those are balanced. Melody wise you have nice style. Only that need more work and understanding is make a nice bassline to keep song the energy its needed. SO otherwords keep on working.
If u like to hear my oldest track they are on www.acidplanet.com/TN, There can even hear some of first FL studio tracks. Peace /TN

Elph responds:

Cool, i will definatly be checking out some of your tracks later.

I have been working on my newest project for a couple of weeks now, maybe even a month. Which is the longest i have ever worked on a song. So i hope that turns out well.

I guess im off for now. I got H1N1 :/ its not as bad as people say it is.. But it sucks :(


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