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Really nice!

Really nice build up but im must atlest be honestly about the track.
I like the cypertrance style synth work. But the progression work is kinda bad why?
Clap is loud and anoying. Hats its ok but its dosent give any energy should try add some more give that extra rythmen.

Add synth is fine but even you done the song in Logic pro its missing alot of mixing. Some of the sound is higher then other.. I would suggest remaster the track or learn how to mix the song better. There is alot of guide for lodgic pro to learn about the Frequnese work Equlizer and much much more.

This atlest review not comment / TN

TeKNeTiC responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! Yeah, I haven't mastered it at all (as it says above) so the sound quality is sort of crappy. And now listening to it again, I agree completely that the clap is terrible.. I'll work on it some more and reupload.

The mixing is a lot better on my new song, give it a listen.

Great song!

Nice Goa-trance or atlest that ithink it is sound. Class of the psytrance style.
Anyway Nice quality good pumping beat. Great 303s. Even not big fan of this track but it works sometimes. Really classic work keep em coming /TN

Really nice !

The thingy iwas almost just got that odd feeling the intro score begining sounds very alike The Rock Theme insperation why beacuse its has that same begin tune melody. Dont get me wrong i thought first what he remake The rock? then no it was something else. 0.11 sounds abit odd to me something flute recorded ifeelt was out of sync in the sound alittle. 1.32 was begining of my favorite part beacuse i like the atmosphere. anyway thanks for a nice shareing keep the good job up /TN

Sorry for the english iknow it might be some grammatic problems here and there.


its a nice sample of the song ihave self lost files for songs beacuse of power off or iget some error on pc everything restart without warning.
But i can hear the song arent that hard to play after its very basic and im sure you can play by ear,

Piano is standard very nice, Synth work is really cool, Dont give up bad luck happens to us all. / TN


Intro very simpel its warm filter work its good, But that kick at 12 second is very loud from the rest of the kick,

same Melody has played for almost 1min 36 second getting very repativ and its just suddenly stop there and then bell melody starting with less variation its same as begining melody. And there again at 2.26 its kick is to loud ithink you should try use Snare for the filldrums instant, and Progression work here is kinda weak aswell, But main thing in this song is, Its need more variation its very reaptiv. Iknow my trackis repeativ but itry atlest have 2 or 3 different melody to keep intressting up in the song.

Im not critism to hard but im honestly with everyone instant like the review from Pivotdz that dosent help anyone not you atlest who is trying make something for us all to listen to. Keep up with the work try make some more variation on ur tracks and mixing is fine just make sure dont use to many samples on the kicks so it be like at "12 second and 2.26" /TN


Yes indeed mix is really wierd, Its not eq problem at the intro for sure its volyme the sample is so high volyme its really distored its hurting the ears, for that you can get very low score for this track.

Same with kick something dosent seem right either it pumping so headset is going freaky. Bass is also to high volyme noone of the song is blending well with eachother atm.

Ican say try remake it, try look over your mixing Remeber dont force ur sound pass over -0 dp try be under -6dp thats the basic mixing.
Sorry but ihave to say it was horrible song cant be listned to with this disturbed distored sounds. Keep up let me know when you have complete it /TN

TIMarbury responds:

thx alot. the voulme is over dramatic for sure... i'm currently fixing this song. :X


Generic trance you say? ok yes abit like the effect work its really something unique.

Not really like the filter intro of the melody plus ithink its abit to much volyme from the rest of the song kicks are very weak. Some more mixing and more creativ melody at in the end its getting very repativ but im sure its gona really nice with more work on it /TN

RandomAnnoyance responds:

Ah thanks,
A little hard to read the review, but i got the jest of it.
Yeah, as the fade at the end shows, its still being worked on. I need a second part, but I'm no good with second parts of songs... due to writers block :(

Thanks tho! I'll take the tips into consideration when I work on it more!


Song is kinda good problem noticed is the mastering or basic mixing, Ican hear the z3ta melody kinda high frequense issue on it and its get abit cheesy with the piano bell, Somes it feels its kinda messy when all melody plays together. Iwould rather change that flute to something else or volume on it, Its kinda screaming out abit.

Keep work hard try mix the song abit more.

Krussi responds:

Thanks for yet another review.

Yeah, the mastering is pretty lazy done and pretty bad, thats why I wrote it in the commentary. I started on this track and almost completed it 6-8 months ago. The reason why I didn't upload it then is because I wasn't that satisfied with the mastering. The reason I uploaded it last week is because I felt that I needed to upload something new.

I got some more serious hardtrance and hardstyle songs coming up with much better mastering and a new style.

Anyhow, thanks for the constructive review, and thanks alot for the support.


Its ok

I like the song its always one favorite in FFX but piano sadly very alike midi versions you can download witch could be more creativ by try rechange it abit, Like orchestra part thats feels more orginal work.

Really nice work!

Happy hardcore with old classic way, Decent bell sounds really nexus sounds, Synth sound is really nice; Good catchy melody. Song it self gets abit borng somehow idon know it feels its missing something. It quit empty could need extra synth or More FX, Keep itup /TN

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