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Really nice work!

Intro FX mybe was not best to it, But Really nice style on the track, Good Drums, good bassline. Mixing level is decent but not bad, Good Work on the sidechain, Nice chord. Iam not big fan of that Bell sort of plucked melody, The chord melody it feels sometimes it goes off tune not sure igot right about that but for me sounded some spot wierd. The new plucked melody is alot nicer, Other then that Song is very cool made, you got some skills and looking forward hear more of you /TN

Phoog responds:

Hey thanks for the review.

Yeah I got lazy in some places, like with the delay of the CymbalFX and the lead for the first melody.
The chord melody sounds okay to me? It could be personal taste. Either that or I have a really bad ear ;)

Cheers though, I appreciate what you've said.

Its nice loop

you have really nice talented skills, i been self trying make hands up styled tracks but they never been really good, Anyway this just comment review icould if was full song thought but anyway keep on working, Question i have listen to many of ur tracks and wonder you must be signed? if not maybe should try. /TN

Infinity (Dj-P Remix)

HM intro to the song was very nice work, Ihave never liked this Orginal song but its good version u have made, The only thing its mixing issue some place in the song its distored especily when then kick FxReverbkicks, Synth work is nice, The only song need is better mixing /TN

Not bad

Ialways try take time on makeing songs can take up to half year before really complete something, Its not beacuse icant produce is more i really pushing me to the limit, Anyway very Releaxing tune, Nice Pluck sounds, Good bassline, nice chord have you tryed search for some major label or anything atm? Good piano looking forward hear finished version. Btw take ur time noone rushing you, unless records want some deadlines :P /TN

Kazmo responds:

Ya, I'm tired of spending maybe a week on a song, I'm taking my time on songs from now on. :]

Glad you enjoyed this!

Btw, I'm not rushing into getting signed either ^^

Not bad

Intro filter loops was only i dident like to be honestly, But its thats always taste, Bassline really good work on it. 1min mark from there i liked the track even feelt abit Euro style. Nice Piano work. MainBreak really good work on it, even if i like have nonbass break but its fine with it, Nice pluck catchy sound. Production is very top work Mixing level is really good. Been awile i can stop complain to people about Mixing EQ work, an Fine production keep on working and your are my 100 review, and this song dosent deserv 0 bombs witch i hate to. 5/5 /TN

really nice!

Releaxing trance i like it, Even thought dont like to long intro filter synth but its just taste thought, really nice bass work, even its abit low volyme on it or its for me its abit to dark hm., Nice strings and chord work, and good work on sidechain, Mainbreak at 2.40 ilike the idea, Good plucked guitar melody on it, To be honestly ithink song could been even more improved after break its flowed really good just lacked abit of energy, could been the mixing to. the track has nice atmosphere its really nice, SO recomand you try make another version of it , Building the song to the limit. I belive this can be even better. /TN

Nice style

Ithink its more like Dance or eurodance, then trance, tempo wise its calm and nice, really nice work on the synths even they abit cheesy for me , Good beat work,
i most use the wasp for bass, or some classic 303's but anyway at 3.04 its sounded abit wierd to be honestly sounded its like it got abit offkeys, Also song need some EQ work kinda decent mixing atm but keep on working / TN

Its nice style

But to be honestly Mixing level is not great, synth has high volym kick is very distored from 1.29 its hurts , But at 03.05 is very nice break "think best part in it" and build ups, song is abit cleared at that point, nice add synth, The song is needed more EQ work someplaces try balance the volyme, and check so the synth not oversounding the song for you. keep on working / TN

Dj-GloStix responds:

I realized it too, I got tired of tweaking the song so decided to leave it as it were.
Takes a long time to automate like 18 volumes at once not to mention their EQ's.
At the perfect levels so the right synth is more dominant at the right times.
Thanks for the review.

Nice song

Very nice progressiv trance, Good work on the bassline, Kick is actully nice, Very nice plucks even for me its more like an intro melody, Song has nice energy but its abit empty could add in some more elements , Pad, FXes and some nice melody but its its great. Mixing is ok endlessnumber made nice point on that freq still needs some work. Keep on make music / TN

PrEmoEffect responds:

There aren't any real underlying pads. It probably would have added much to the ambiance to have them. And yes, mixing is the hardest part of producing, and it also depends on the medium you are using to listen. I usually use speakers to eq and mix, but I am always shocked to hear the difference in sound when I listen through headphones, especially through ear buds. Thanks for the review, it was very helpful.

Not bad,

Trance/house well its also mixed abit with hand up! style based on the saw leed, Standard intro but pretty cool work nice FX vocals, The only that thing i feel song should need some Chord pad, beacuse its abit empty only beats and bass some melody, But other then that is pretty nice mixing level many people always turn volym on the synths way to high but atlest not this one :) anyway keep on working / TN

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