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Really good work

really good work on the song prof souding, creativity is on the top. Rare to see very good talented artist on newgrounds those who are rarely upload anything anymore keep on working 5/5 /TN

now we talking !

Not much metal i listen to basic but since iam big fan of FF7 and ican tell u did really nice work. keep on rocking iwish icould review but since iam not familar with metal works but for my ears its sound very symphonic metal work. thanks for shareing / TN

JonSantiago responds:



nice piano play, Good intro in this track. Song is very happy, the thing about the track, is EQ work and mixing levels, Kick hitting way to much that its sound very distored, Synths need some eq work to.
Sound more Dance then trance thougth but you have to check over the volyme on some places, they hit way to high freq. other then that nice track /TN

Ephemeral-DFP responds:

Thanks for the review, the advice really helps,


A masterpaice

preview is sounds very good sadly icant review that much about the track,
Piano backround is actully very good, peaceful track more Chilltrance or even dream trance, synths is good and classic, i like your style send message when u finished the song untill then keep on working / TN

Alots need to be finished

Things is just a preivew, and very luck track be nr1 of all genre witch is not, but not gona give 0 or either. About the track its so far its need alot of EQ work, Mixing levels for bass, synths and soone beacuse atm it very messey no offense its kinda simpel to. The progression work is not the top either i have heard worse song thought. But atm its far from be Drum n bass song beacuse its not even 50% finished i will review once again when you upload finished version see if any progres keep on working /TN

Its very nice

Intro standard but good mixing levels, Bass is fine, When the mainBreak come in pad is fine even not that very epic that way i like, Then back same patherns as begining, Just some small change, Kick and bass is very good its almost way to good for the pad get along to the song, Ithink at 3.29 got abit messy just my feeling beacuse you trying use alot of elements at sametimes, ITs good orginal track but for my taste its missing some epiced melody atm song is very alike from begining to the end, You good ideas but ithink they lacking to came out of you, People always tell me why not add more elements to the song and the reason is what ucan hear in this track. To many sounds playing sametime getting confused where is maintheme of the song, But its not bad beacuse its alot better quality pro then many other newgrounds artist. 5/5 keep on working and yes sure can collab sometimes if you like work with Dream Trance / TN


Tja tack för review,

About the song, Intro Is very nice soft touch, good piano melody,
The filterd leed is nice, only i not really liked its that vocal.
Melody is very powerful good synth maybe alittle to loud. Bass is nice Good FX 303s, Kick is good but not that powerful as the synth is. EQ is fine but its good.
Mixin is very hard iknow take month years to master it. Anyway good job on the song.

Tänk bara på synthen att den inte slår över -6dp, Försök få synth ljudet lite mera finare just nu tror det lite mycket low freq på melodin annars är låten väldigt bra. Lyssnar gärna igen /TN

Krussi responds:

Tack själv :D

Glad you liked it :)

yeah, started more seriously with mastering and EQing a month ago, and it's still a hard job :/
The reason for the vocal is that I felt that something was missing when the track was complete, so I browsed my VOX folder and found a vocal sample I liked.

Thanks for the review. the 10, the feedback and your support :)


Nice remix!

Iwasent really enjoy that intro, beacuse its sounded abit wierd to me. Then u used really nice highquality drum n bass kicks,, and sort of the bell got out of tune some to. Then main Kick come in iwasent really same clear as the drum n bass sample kick was abit muddy. Could need some EQ or maybe turn voylme down the beat sample kick, Its not really fit to ur Main kick. Was nice idea on that intro play at 1.12 was more your own creativity, Then it come back to classic Dj mangoo Euro gate synth witch is ok but way to standard. Synth it self wasent that powerful either ithink its got abit messy for my taste, Hard kick and bass, with poor euro synth dosent match. Anyway end whistle was fine actully. / TN

757irish responds:

:) good to hear some criticism..i like it. you gotta work with me though i mean this is my first remix and i tried to make it my own creation but not take out the original beat you know? but i will work harder on my EQ. thnx for the review:)

Its good

Nice volyme on the track, sadly synth its almost screeming in my ears atm, Ithink its to much Euro of it, Not much fan of those synth sound, But melody is good, IThink need find some more intressting synth sound, Its kinda plain and simpel, And Ihave problem with the volyme in the track, its good but it could need some Better Mixing some spot its distored synth play way to high for the rest of the song. But other then that its good, Just try explore the sound abit / TN


The vocal is so much used, maybe should record orginal vocal, anyway, I like the beat styled track only dont really like its light plucked sort of bell melody, But have to admit It got some influse about 90's trance track, What it could need its some really nice melody It has good flow, i will hear the final how it be / TN

MusicWizard responds:

Thanks, good to know how people thinks.
I will keep all in mind.

Check back from time to time for the final.

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