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Its nice work

Even been just 7houers i feel it could been more thought. I always tell many artist that dont rush with ur tracks.
Intro is nice very EuroDance styled. Drum and bass is nice even could been more mixing on those.

Song it self very simple but very well wroked, even ithink it could need some more work. Melody nice but synth leed is kinda simple should need some more variation. Other keep the good work up /TN


Megara vs DJ Lee är en av favoriter brukar vara bra som inspiration.

Anyway about the song. Melody wise is fine as i know dj lee and magara use to change the melody to some more upbeat melody just keep the variation up ithink should done that to same melody but another leed style..
Mixing levels about the track is ok not the best ifeel its over compressed somehow. But song has good energy thats nice. So keep up with the good work only try make more variation on the melody next time : ) /TN

Krussi responds:

Tjo igen ^^

Yeah, didn't spend that much time on the mixing since I'm not that satisfied with the song itself xD I don't usually make this kind of music, but it was fun to try it out ^^
Thanks again for another review ^^ And thanks alot for the support, the 9 and the pointers ^^


Its good

Ithink you should add and extra subbass in the song i like the trance bass but its dosent give that extra puch. But other then that its an hot song /TN

Kr1z responds:

Thx for the tip ^^


Hey there thank for passing by. This is top trance music Great intro, Really nice bassline work. Intro melody sounds familar somehow.

Mainbreak is cool work alot emotions nice pad work Only feels about track its got very similar to one of fl studio tourtial song but maybe it just me. Anyway
Song is good Mixing level is decent need some eq work. But Overall sounds its better tune then most trance producer in newgrounds.com /TN

DjYeoh responds:

Thanks! since you're a trance producer too mind teaching me some eqing skills? i suck at that! hahahhaa btw glad you like it :) thank you once again for your review!

Nice work

nice song. some small details that could been more on this song.
Mixing levels are ok they still need some EQ work some parts.
Synth is ok even could really need extra synth. Keep song alive atm its bit simple made but better track then most audio sumbits. Keep on working /TN

ATB is my favorits

Back then ATB was so great that was almost impossible stop listen to them, You have doen really nice remix of it, Keep old legends alive, keep on working hard, Nice synth work if also have mention this also one of ur better sounds. I have listen to many of ur tracks and really this is ur best production keep growing. /TN

Review From sweden!

Iam gona be honestly beacue instant of spam something that dosent help at all.
Intro sounds ok but very decent to me, Not so bad actully,
Beats:, Kick as very low sound witch almost that low icant hear it, could add something that power up the kick, if you use fl studio i would suggest Fruity peak controller and change the Freq abit.

Bass to me sounds kinda over pitched and kinda plain, its need some work EQ.

Melody wise its ok not really catchy to me its also need some EQ work, Overall about the song its need some more creativ work, its kinda simple, Iknow people cant be the best but as listner always require so much of an artist.

Suggestion you learn more about mixing techniques. Mastering is abit harder but just mixing learn balance the sounds.

Chord work is nice try explore it. I could think of really nice melody from it beside main you have. Keep on working /TN i vote 5 but review 9 beacuse there still stuff that need be done.

Elph responds:

Thanks for the review, i am a fan of your work :)

I have to look up some tutorials because i can never seem to get the peak controller working well :/

I have always been bad at EQing and Mastering because i guess i just like to get the song done quickly. I am getting better at putting more effort into my peices though.

Thanks for the advice :)


Or kate lesseing, the vocal was with Dj dean project to, but orginal artist behind the track is Janardana or song writher. Anyway was very nice decent dance track but tobad to many nabs 0 bombing beacuse they jealous they think they better beacuse there track sounds like ejay. Keep on working / TN

Great work

Sounds really pro work. Mixing levels is really good, Iself trying make hands up but it always end up be more Hard Dance. Good thing not many artist newgrounds know how to make good hands up ionly know some that really know there style. Song Lenght is good beacuse if it was longer i would been crazy about the song witch ends up be very repeativ it self. That is most negative with hands up it can be pretty repeativ. But you have done a realy top work and keep on working.
U should work with some more vocalist and you be newgrounds Speacial D hehe / cya


its very nice sound more like Chill trance song the only what ifeel it could been added is and better main melody Piano and plucked melody is nice tought but it still need some greater melody but keep on working give u 5/5 for the quality is good.

p0larus responds:

Hello TerraNation, thank you for the positive review! I appreciate your honesty, and I will try harder to make better/greater melodies. Thank you again for the review!

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