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Really nice

Really nice and very emotional.

Realy nice work!

Thing i really like flow in the song but igona be really honestly review.

Intro: is ok could of started abit more soft then just boom make it more dj friendly.
very nice structure on the intro it has nice sound quality.
Ithink you tok same idea as orginal song ican hear.

at 1,:23 its some filter issue there but its no big deal thought,
main break is really nice here.

now main lead comes in its nice arp work but ithink synth it self is to kinda Engertic iwould say test plucked melody that saw is kinda not match to the song for me.

+ try add some more add synth maybe backround piano or osmething or w/e.

ANyway in general of the track is nice but it could of been abit more intressting since there toons of remix of this track already that sounds very alike that you did no offense. Try explore the song abit could add some backround piano could make mainbreak abit longer try make it more epic.

Synth it self was way to hard for the song basic idident like that saw synth at all.
try plucked saw maybe or even plucked synth would make it even better i belive.

Ihave listen to many of ur track already and this song has improve ur abilitys abit and keep on working hard. Remeber hard work paysoff afterwile.

Really nice work!

Realy great track, Like the synth work but feels like was more a preview work,
Im sure you could make it even cooler trance work of this song. Keep em coming /TN

Nice melody

Really nice melody at begining, Im sure itcould been even nicer with more experiance behind the work of music creation. I hear its still alot todo in this song and how it could been much better trust me it could. Well its not much i could say more then give you tops try explore even more. If i had melody like this it could been really amezing uplifting symphonic trance sound. Anyway keep work hard /TN

Semaphore responds:

I try many different ways to master or insert and change the sound of instruments

I'm never really fine with the sound but after 1 week I have to do a cut in that hell =D

it's still a hobby and not a professionel thing

that's why I'm sharing this with you ;)

thank you very much TerraNation

greetings Sema

hm well

Its nice but seriously why use z3tra Present melody sounds? they are so destroying ur song to be honestly with you.
I heard so many songs with that present its just bad.

Strong song very hard dance touch but its should need more compressing and Eq.
About the track its feels like its more then just 1 song in this track.

Anyway Keep on working could limit the melody sound cus igetting kinda confused witch is the main theme. I vote 4/5. and please take off that zetra trust me its bad.

A master work!

Its really worth first place in Newground. This song has mostly every elements its needed. Very cluby trance style im sure you should get it signed. Its really beautiful almost to perfect. Its not much to comment here gl with it and keep on working hard /TN

Very nice work!

Only negativ about track like this is they are very repeativ. Kinda gets boring afterawile. Very catchy melody kicks is kinda soft could been more punchy.

Bass work is fine bring back to happy hardcore time when most of these song played year 1998 keep up working /TN

Not Yours!

Its Present song in Fl studio from 4one so please take it away noob

GOAT-MEN responds:

hey idiot, i never claimed this song was mine, i uploaded it for flash users, so bite me

Had check other track before judge.

Intro very decent. From the other song i listned to. Isuggest maybe take off the old track or put it somewhere else.

What i listen here you learned from ur misstake back then and got hang of the balance of the songs. Intro is very standard but is fine Piano on intro is fine but very bright.
Idident really like the chord piano could need more epiced version of it.

Really nice mainbreak very classic tunes. Guitar is ok but barely hear it in this big sounding of strings. Synth work intro was fine but then on main part really got lacked of energy very cheesy to me could be mixed better. Ithink Synth to be honestly is way to hard from the rest of the song it could be something else. Arp synths there alot of style to it. I reconize basic every sounds Nexus vst?

Anyway its alot better then ur song from 09 just still it need some refine someplaces Especily on the synths. Im sorry if english is abit rusty typeing. But keep on working /TN

SpiritWolf14 responds:

Thanks for the serious reveiw! The part I struggle with most in my tracks are the mixdowns and mastering, I still need some work there. And yes most of the sounds in the breakdown are from nexus but almost everything else is v-station or sytrus. Once again, thanks for the in depth reveiw!


Sounds abit what i done back then alot was new. But Idon really know how gona review such on track of urs. But its good start of making trance even there is alot of what ican hear is really unfinished. Mixing is really basic more like amatureish not bad with that its basic same for most of people in newgrounds.

Song maybe sounds very clean to you but to me i hear its tons of reverbs and high frequnese playing in my ear. Synth is very cheesy but nice melody. Piano is good nice soft very classic tune to me.

And i really dont like that clap is like to dry or hit to hard or just dosent fit in at all to me could need better samples. Anyway its all i could say about it since its made 09 idont think you would remake it. I suggest try explore the program more and keep on working hard and try learn balance the songs try dont use to much reveerbs on everything.. /TN

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