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Not bad at all. Planing to be at tomorrowland this year?!

Very nice quality is of the song is clear, To bad newgrounds members lazy give comments not sure why.

Anyway its nice orchestra strings good samples and nice relaxing tunes.

Very classic style but at 25s was like note off or something but ididen't match. Pluckin melody is very nice has good mixing on it however the bass is to dry and way to loud for the song. you can hear it clearly normaly i woulden't care either but its better learn control the volym now then to late its better for ur upcoming tracks to.
So what the song needs is Compressors, EQ, reveerbs, filters, and most important part is try level out the high volyme on some channels.


Even if dont have time but you know there is always time work on a track, Even pro artist is busy with there life, And igot few tips from them aswell. Let it take the time the song need.

Ithink its solid work, But w/e you have time try work on it more. School/ work is important to but there is always some spare time left over / TN

Intro work solid its very nice volyme, The intro pluck however oversounding the song and i think you should add more reverbs on it to make it actully more feeling to it.

Mainbreak its beautiful, Simpel melody and well played.. Build up its ok very simpel but then again main pluck is oversounding the song. But from uplifting trance artist to another just keep on working.


djahmusic responds:

Thank U, very informative comment =)

The melody is quite okay, good main chords around 0:56, percussions sounds too easy and lacks variety. We hear that the song is far from complete, but it is a good start to something.
1:50 you hear a new kind of melody strings, I think you should use maybe something else that tune piano or pluckin melody, otherwise it becomes too much layers of the same thing.

And it means that there is too much noise.
Not sure what program you use but normal people use FL studio but anyway you should try learn Mixing make sure sounds are balanced and sync to each other or something like the bass suddenly fades away, drowned beacuse of that strings at 1.50..


scrappy777 responds:

Thanks for the review and constructive criticism :) I agree that it needs a bit of variety. Maybe a drop should be added instead of a constant build up. I think that would help keep it interesting. I'm always tweaking my songs so I appreciate your input :)

Check out some of my other stuff and let me know what you think!

I kinda like the melody but for my own tast its way to much experimental. And it hard to call it trance beacuse when think trance is layers and melody powerful buildups...
Reason i woulden't call it trance is:
First you hear chill out very calm track lovely piano work really well done there.

Then Second: It turns out to be some more Electronic Slow down tempo dance!
then Third: From no where dub step!? For me its simply dosent match the song at all.
I like dub step i like all kind of music.
But to me this song has to much experimental styles in 1 track im getting confused as artist/listner what are you trying to achive todo this?!

Trust me in this i did alot experimental in past days was fine but eventually people began to tire of this and it was not accepted anymore. newgrounds has to many false comments i prefer be honestly atlest.

Its good track but ithink you should stick with dub step for it self and trance for it self.
Quality of dubstep was really nice was not bad at all. /TN

VGSongbird responds:

I appreciate your honest input. You should know this is the most experimental I've ever been with a piece. I think if you like Trance, you should check out some of my other stuff. I'd hate this piece to be the one you judge me on. :(

Its has very nice melody, never consider to remake it? Ithink it has more potentional.
Iwould try change the bass abit to more arped maybe more uplifting style atm it feels abit to simpel.

Thanks for the review!

Im not much in to an drum n base songs but its stil electronic and thats we doing!
what program do you use?
I like the bass its strong in this song only i could recomand is the samples is abit oldish somehow.
try "download Vengeance Essential House 3 Electro" it has alot powerful electronica sounds from dance to drum n base styled sounds"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =ksbpLq2UwOA"

Synths are alright you have talent to make nice melodys but i prefer try explore make more powerful synth sounds. Since idont know what softwere you use but if FL studio try get some vstis.

Have a nice day /TN

square-spirit responds:

five months later and yes you are right, i need better sounds. i use FL studio.

Not so bad at all.

Icould see this song in some games its really has alot of energy and life.
So far prolly best song i listen so far atm at the chart rest idont know they are not trance not even close..

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