Halo 4 Remix Project in progress

2012-10-10 12:28:46 by TerraNation

Halo 4 is soon out and alot people waiting for it.

+ there is soundtrack contest about halo 4 itry to achive with more my own way of make a remix.
Song it self its very complicated beacuse its an orchestrar track remix packs comes with only wav files means that they are to much original iwouldent call it a remix if its already completed or finished soundtracks already.

Follow me this jouarny to start to finish of the song i will take any advice from you and comment that can improve this remix.
Ofcourse if ur self wanna try make ur own remix why not? http://www.remixcomps.com/contest/halo-4-soundtr ack-remix-contest when this post is made its only 19 days left

Check my latest upload its 30 second clip of the progress i made so far.
I will keep renew the track once iget more done to it!!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/506543 <---- check the link!

Halo 4 Remix Project in progress


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