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Its nice preview

its nice start need better kick sampels and clap and ofcourse balance the synth work abit its not bad, but idon like it anyway keep work hard

momboom1 responds:

Thanks. Ya, when i finish this Some time.. Ima change A LOT

Very nice work

Top work great melodys, catchy , nice hard trance song keep the good work up / TN


Its Great try on this remix, iam big Fan of Cascada love the work she doing,
Just to be honestly ithink song was abit boring, i like more the way happy style of the songs beacuse vocal fit well in that.

But since u did pretty well igive u 9/10 and 5/5

Sounds Great

Its great remix of Kate lessings - Its a dream. i also made remix of this awile ago, what i like in this song is progressiv styled, not really sure vocal fit in to the song,
Its great work and nice piano btw / TN

Nice track

Good work, great vocal, abit mixed genre on this track. Like trance with some rock influese, anyway its great tune keep the good job up /TN

itsfoxhall responds:

Thanks :)

I guess the rock influence is from me being in punk and metal bands for many many years, so its sort of instinct now :)

Very nice classic trance

Really good quality song has nice rythmic sound, a really nice classic trance tune, keep the good work up / TN

ZooSafari responds:

Thanks for the listen and the review! ; )

Really nice

Great catchy melody, happy tune thats for sure good job / TN

Very nice

Very nice Ambientwork, ithink u should only focused on that, trance part come in was kinda odd for me, synth work was kinda cheesy, ithink just trance build is kinda lacking abit, but its good work, i suggest u work in classic ambient, sounds 10 times better anyway 10/10 and 5/5 for the classic part /TN

Champius responds:

thanks man, i actually did have just a classical ambient version, and then for some reason i decided to throw some trance in there : P

anyways, im glad you liked the classic part : ] thanks a lot for reviewing!

Its nice work

Nice work on the lyrics, it has very nice classic trance style, just alittle to much simpel building plug synth is ok but not give anything special.

Main break is fine nice chord soft nice piano in backround give it an extra soft touch
Beat is great bass flowing fine.
The only that missing is some main melody iwont call plug for melody.

Iam huge fan to Huge Vocal trance epic music. so its not bad just keep work more version of this, 9/10 and 5/5 just keep the music flow / TN

Not bad

Very nice track, not bad at all just gona need some more variation on that synth or be very reaptiv, other then that fine work 9/10 and 5/5

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